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Key Steps To Selling A Home

Although navigating the intricate process of selling your home can be overwhelming, Five Star Real Estate will simplify everything for you. When you choose the Five Star Real Estate team, you're opting for a streamlined and efficient experience. Let's walk through the 12 essential steps we take to sell your home seamlessly:

1) Establish A Working Relationship With Realtor Brad Dunevitz

This is our first date! Let’s talk — about you, your home, the neighborhood, and the real estate market — and become comfy with each other. We’ll also tour the interior and exterior of your home together while you point out important features — positive and negative. 

2) Discuss, Analyze Your Needs

Please ask me questions, and I’ll ask you questions. Do you need to sell or only want to sell? What is your timeline? Are you willing to price your home accurately so we can sell it? What do you need from your Realtor before and during the home-selling process? If need be, are you willing to make minor or major repairs before we list the home for sale or later in the process?

3) Determine Price 

Ah yes, the bread and butter of it all. Although marketing the property is highly important, I believe 80% of the marketing is done when the proper pricing strategy is chosen. Of course, I pull comparables (comps) from the neighborhood, yet I go a few steps farther. A part of the Five Star Real Estate team is a licensed appraiser who’s been appraising homes in the Denver metro area for more than 35 years. The appraiser and I determine the most-accurate listing price. With that information, you still have the final say-so on the listing price.

4) Sign A Relationship Agreement With Brad

Per the Colorado Real Estate Commission, this is our agreement that states I solely represent you — not the buyer — with the utmost good faith, loyalty, and fidelity, that I have a fiduciary responsibility to you, for how much we’ll list your home, how much the Realtor commissions will be, what the inclusions (such as the kitchen appliances) and exclusions (such as the dining room chandelier that Grandma gave to you) will be, and more. You’ll also sign a few seller disclosures, such as the Seller’s Property Disclosure and the Square Footage Disclosure.

5) Resolve Action Items, Snap Professional Photographs

Touch-ups or repairs might or might not be necessary, but don’t worry — I have a list of trusted contractors if you need them. Also, web appeal is as important as curb appeal, because more than 96% of home buyers search the internet. Thus, I hire and pay for a great local photographer whose photos will appeal to and attract potential buyers to your home.

6) Go Live And Market Your Home!

After I input all the detailed — and accurate — information about your home on the MLS and upload the professional photos, digital marketing kicks in! We now have about 27,000 local agents working for you! My strategy includes creating a digital property flyer, sometimes creating a “virtual” tour, and sending the listing to dozens of real estate-related websites —,, and many more — where several thousand more buyers see it. My digital marketer also exposes the home to thousands of viewers on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and

7) Coordinate Showings

I team with ShowingTime, Colorado’s leading showing management provider. I input your choice of days and times that buyers can tour your home, how much time in advance you need before showings occur, how you prefer to be notified of showings, and more. Making your home easily accessible increases its visibility and the likelihood of attracting offers. 

8) Evaluate Feedback

I use an effective follow-up system so that we can get valuable feedback after every showing. If a common concern arises, then we work together to address it and enhance your home’s appeal. 

9) Review Offers

Yay, we’ve received an offer — or offers! When we have a mutual agreement and signatures from you and a buyer, then we are officially “under contract” and a score of events begins.

10) Negotiate Inspection Items

The buyer will conduct a general home inspection and possibly a sewer scope and a radon-gas test. Be prepared for the buyer to request that you repair or replace some items. Together, we will discuss the options.

11) Await Home Appraisal

If the buyer is getting a loan, then the buyer’s lender will order an appraisal to determine the value of the property.

12) Sell It!

Closing day — the day you sign documents and receive money for selling the home! The 60- to 90-minute closing typically occurs at a title company’s office. I will be there with you to ensure everything runs smoothly!

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